Recent news

191216_Nature Physics

2019. 12. 16 : Publication in Nature Physics.

A recent work on "Non-Gaussian quantum states of a multi-mode light field” (Link) was published in Nature Physics.

190816_Nicolas Treps

2019. 8. 16 : Prof. Nicolas Treps visited QOQI.

Nicolas Treps, a professor of Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, visited QOQI from August 12nd to 23rd in 2019. He discussed several topics of quantum optics and quantum information with the members of QOQI enthusiastically and had a good time in Korea as well.


2019. 6. 21 : Start of a new lab.

The place for QOQI has been built. There is nothing in this room right now, but it will be filled with experimental setups after few years.